WOW! Another fantastic 2 weeks

Reviewed July 19, 2014

WOW! Another fantastic 2 weeks here at the Bali Garden Beach Resort. Family and friends keep asking us, “Why do you always stay there?, why don’t you go somewhere else?, why don’t you stay in Seminyak?”… I say “Why would I want to stay anywhere else”? This place has one of the only beach front views along with the boardwalk bar where I can just pull myself out of the pool and take 10 steps to sit at the bar and watch the people walk pass and the sun go down. Our daughter Kobi who turned 7 makes friends with everyone and for hours on end we do not see her as she’s having so much fun in the pool. The staff are amazing and being our 3rd year here I feel like they are family. The food is amazing and affordable. The Tari Spa is wonderful I have something nearly every 2nd day. Its very family orientated as Paul goes off with his surfboard under his arm every morning out the front to catch a boat out to ‘middles or airports’ to surf for 3 to 4 hours, I can swim up to the pool bar and have drink or two while hanging out with Kobi my daughter. I could not even think of staying anywhere else. It is right opposite Waterbom and next to the ‘Discovery Mall’ which is great as I am a mother and if anything was wrong with Kobi I could always duck next door to the chemist. We walk down the beach front every evening and sit at one of the bars on the beach and head into Poppies 1 or 2 for dinner, then on our way back to the hotel we stop of for a foot massage and no matter what time you walk into the foyer of the hotel, the staff have the biggest smiles and are so interested to find out where you went and how was your night. So I end it here, as I head off and book for here for next year’s trip. Thank you Bali Garden for your wonderful hospitality.