Beautiful Resort, Excellent Location, Wonderful Staff

Reviewed on 20 November 2016

I was pleasantly surprised by my 5 day stay ay Bali Beach Garden Resort. It’s amazing how dynamic the area is. It is located in the hustle and bustle of Kuta yet, upon entering the resort, the ambiance is transformed into sophisticated and cultural getaway. The “garden” in the name of the resort is well deserved as it is one of the highlights of the property. It is rich and very well maintained. It’s a truly beautiful and diverse arrangement that is a wonderful contrast to the beach front and street front. It would seem as if all the rooms have a fantastic view of the gardens and pool. What made the experience truly special for me is how engaged the management is in the guest experience. We had the pleasure to mingle with the staff and learn a little about the Balinese lifestyle form them. One great feature, that must be noted, is it appears to be the only resort in Kuta with beach access! It’s in an area where you walk right from the pool to the beach and it’s a bit reserved, so no one hassling you to buy things. It’s a bonus to know that this small-business employs locals and helps enrich their lives through several training programs. As a traveler that does extensive research when booking a stay, I must say BGBR hits all the right notes.