Bali Gardens Beach Resort Re-Visited. Read This Before Booking Any Hotel In Bali.

Reviewed on 3 June 2018

Five years ago, I wrote a trip advisor review on Bali Gardens Beach Resort based on a visit of a few hours. Well, I am back and this time to enjoy a 9 day stay at this delightful very centrally located property. Giving me a much better insight into what it can offer you.

Whilst most of the passengers on your plane are still sitting in their transport, fighting traffic trying to get to far-away hotels. YOU, having, chosen Bali Gardens Beach Resort will already be sitting poolside with drink in hand feeling like royalty.

This is a really important factor when considering which Bali hotel is best for you. It’s all about – Location, location, location and spending more time relaxing not long transfer times.

Bali Gardens Resort is close enough to the airport to make transfers quick & easy yet right in the heart of all the things you need for the perfect holiday, including being on the beach.

I am not sure what they put in the water at Bali Gardens but more hotels could do with discovering it. My job has me staying in lots of hotels, including 6 Star properties, but nowhere have I seen so much laughter, enjoyment and happiness coming from the guests as I have at Bali Gardens Hotel – it’s infectious.

By the pool, in the restaurants, at breakfast, you see people having a great time and I am sure the interaction with the friendly staff has a lot to do with it. After all, isn’t this what you are looking for in a holiday – good times, good memories and lots of fun?

This hotel is a well-established timeless classic. It does not have all the latest ultra-modern glitzy room furnishings, it has wisely kept to its traditional Balinese roots. You will actually feel like you are in Bali, not in a city hotel!

The rooms are very spacious (far bigger than many newer hotels) as are the bathrooms with their modern amenities and showers that have excellent water pressure.

Many of the guest rooms have balcony’s that overlook the lush tropical gardens where you will enjoy interacting with an abundance of colourful birds, butterflies and light as a feather squirrels going about their daily business. A real plus for me, as far as hotels go.

The setting and location of the hotel are second to none. One of my favourite pastimes is to wander down to their Boardwalk Beach Café/ Restaurant recline in a comfortable lounge chair beneath a shady tree enjoying the sea breeze and the best views in Bali.

Not just a sea view like other hotels, but a view that encompasses the entire curve of the bay. Perfect for watching the famous Bali sunsets with cool drink in hand.

Being beach fronted does not mean you miss out on Bali’s famous nightlife. Step out the front entrance and you are on the main street of Bali with its array of bars, restaurants and bewildering choice of shopping. No taxi rides required. (more savings for other important things!)

Food is a big focus at Bali Gardens. I checked out their kitchens. Preparation and presentation were of the highest international standards, ensuring guests can eat well and not potentially have their holiday interrupted by an upset stomach. Great peace of mind. Put it on your check-list.

And you are not stuck for choice – the hotel restaurants cater for all tastes – The Aribar (Mexican), The Tempio (Italian), KaBar Grill (Sports Bar & Grill), Karum (Indian), Wok Mie (Asian) and Kopi & Kue (Coffee and Cake house) Enjoy high-quality food at very reasonable prices, billable to your room account. Tempio was our favourite, authentic Italian cooking, yum!

Although this hotel is a perennial for Australians it was good to see a cross-section of visitors from around the world making for an International feel throughout the resort. This place is not for the rich and famous, it is, however, absolutely, perfect for middle-class travellers. Very popular with couples and families of all ages.

Those of you who are looking for all the luxuries you want when on holiday but without having to pay top dollar should seriously consider Bali Gardens Beach Resort. The big surprise for me – the pricing. Everything including food, drinks and Spa treatments were better valued than I had envisaged, making my holiday even more enjoyable.

Talking of Spas. The Tari Spa is a must do. With its huge range of services at prices, no one can complain about. You can afford to be pampered, scrubbed, rubbed and beautified every day!

Finally; the resort is small enough to feel personal yet big enough to find your own private space. With three pools, one a hideaway for adults surrounded by lush foliage, the other perfect for families even has a swim up bar or you may prefer a plunge pool with sea views. There is always a spot to suit your mood at Bali Gardens Beach Resort.