Cocktails Party at Bali Garden

Cocktails Party that we have in each restaurant every week. Broadwalk, IL Tempio, Kabar, Aribar & Warung Damar. To introduce guests what we served in each restaurant, to get more close with the guest , to get any suggestion from the guest to improving our product & services.

We invite guests randomly, most of them are the guest who first time visit to Bali Garden. This Cocktails party only run for one hour and the guests will greeted by the management. Its been running nearly 4 years till now. Here some picture from the Cocktails Party, some of you maybe captured in our camera !


Meet one of our favorite Beach Bar attendants , Elly Hariyanti , known to us as Elle. She joined our team in 2016. Elle is known for her cheerful and lovely smile as she serves your favorite drinks. She is passionate in her role and loves meeting & talking to so many different people while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Kuta Beach from the bar. Be sure to visit Beach Bar to visit and say hello when you stay at Bali Garden Beach Resort

Australian Day 2019

What could be more fun than to celebrate Australia Day by the Kuta Beach! Get into the groove at our Boardwalk beachfront restaurant, your ticket to paradise. All of our restaurants, including Kabar, will launch special offer for everyone to enjoy throughout the day, 26 January 2019 – with family, friends or everyone at the event.

For bookings and more info, call ?(+62) 361 752725?  or email to


The Christmas & New Year Celebration was held at the Boardwalk Restaurant. Boardwalk presented its special menu along with great performances to entertain all the guests. Santa also came on Christmas to share some gifts and spread the Christmas spirit with our guests. Meanwhile on New Year’s Eve we had non stop all night entertainment and a New Year’s feast enjoyed by more than 500 guests. To close the year 2018 and welcome the New Year of 2019, there were Fire works along the Kuta Beach. It was a fun and memorable celebration enjoyed by all. Continue reading


11th annual running Bali Spirit Festival 2018 will held on April 2-8, once again gathering like-minded yoga instructors and practitioners of all different levels from Bali and around the world. The festival is also a celebration of east and west through world arts, dance and music through colourful concerts and performances. A packed agenda features numerous health and wellbeing workshops held in various yoga centres in Ubud and around Bali. As in its preceding years, Bali Spirit Festival 2018 anticipates over 6,000 festival-goers from various countries, who’ll descend upon the festival’s outdoor festival grounds. The festival’s concept is rooted in ‘Tri Hita Karana’, a Balinese philosophical axiom that translates to a harmonious relationship spiritually, within society and the natural environment. In all, the festival sets out to foster positive change and spread messages of love and peace toward a global impact. Continue reading

4 Activities To Do in Kuta Beach Bali

Kuta is probably the most famous part of Bali and with good reason. Not only is it the home of the iconic Kuta Beach but it also has a swinging nightlife scene that keeps going into the wee small hours. The coastline here is covered in soft golden sand and the beachfront is flanked with a long promenade dotted with cafes and myriad restaurants.

If you are looking for shopping then you will be spoiled for choice and you can enjoy local markets mixed with upscale shopping malls. There are fine dining options here aplenty as well as quaint local guesthouses and you can spent time walking around the little streets that bisect the area and taking in all the sights.

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KABAR means “NEWS” in Indonesian. It’s a symbol of gathering to discuss about anything and everything… but most of the time… it’s about SPORTS, but KABAR is more than just a sports bar!  Instantly recognizable from the two giant beer bottles standing in front of the restaurant, the outside BBQ helps create great hotdogs and burgers every time; It’s so good! Pork or Chicken Schnitzel, Grilled Pork Bratwurst with Mustard, Sauerkaut, Pies or Sausage Rolls… This is just a small selection of what is available for you to enjoy in KABAR.

KARUM is the ultimate place to enjoy a curry that takes its inspiration from all over the world. And don’t forget the irresistible naan bread and roti chennai freshly made right in front of your very eyes!

WOKMIE is strangely enough, one of the rare noodle bars in Bali. Presenting an exciting, fresh, oriental fast food concept, with a large range of dishes on offer, Wokmie is an affordable place to enjoy delicious noodles, with a classic selection of dim sum and sushi also available.

KOPI n KUE is the perfect peaceful and comfortable oasis you are looking for!
In this enchanting environment, you will first be attracted by the ‘KOPI’; the fragrance from our unique coffee roaster machine (the only one of its kind), and then you will be able to enjoy our great selection of coffee from all over Indonesia.

Located in front of Bali Garden Beach Resort Jalan Kartika, one of the most famous streets in Kuta – Bali,



Even though millions of tourists pack their bags every year and head to this wonderful island, not everyone has been to bali. We wanted to highlight some of the amazing experiences on offer for first timers, and provide insight into the variety of amazing activities on offer in bali!



The Hidden Waterfall @ Tegenungan are an amazing experience and has quickly become one of the more popular tourist activities for those heading to Bali. With all the hustle and bustle of South Bali, it’s easy to forget that much of Bali is covered in green, lush rainforests, and hidden beauties like this. Tegenungan isn’t the only waterfall in Bali, some other amazing waterfalls can be seen here. Continue reading


For your seafood lovers out there, we offer you the best value of our fresh seafood plate. With only Rp 175,000++ you will get fresh water fish, baby octopus, prawn and grilled clam with our special homemade barbeque sauce, served with steamed rice and completed with Balinese Sambal Matah.


Warung Damar

Jalan Kartika – Bali Garden Beach Resort