Jean Burling, who is affectionately known to her Bali Garden friends as Mama Jean, started to travel to Bali in 1979. For each holiday to Bali over the last 16 years she has called Bali Gardens her home and wonderful friendships have been formed.

Jean’s lifelong love of swimming began when she was just 6 years old. During her stays at Bali Gardens she has taught many of the Bali Garden’s employees how to swim competently. Continue reading


Recognition or an award from a company can be perceived as one of the best tool to motive its employees’ working performance. Bali Garden continues to strive and excel its employee by giving “Employee-of-the-Month” recognition which regularly held during a monthly employees’ gathering, where we celebrate the employees’ birthday during that month, also to welcome new member of the team. This month’s Employee of the Month recognition is given to I Komang Astika from Front Office Department. He had been nominated because he of his diligence and awareness about his responsibility. Join me to congratulate him for this well deserved recognition.


Our Bali Garden. “Employee-of-the-Month program recognizes employees who go above and beyond typical job expectations, provide outstanding customer service, or perform distinctive achievements and show quality and commitment in their work environment.

This appreciation and recognition was for 3 employees from our Security Department : I Dewa Putu Kaler, Nyoman raka Putra Udyana, I Gusti Bagus Arta . They were nominated because of their constant and ongoing commitment towards our fire safety measures ensuring a safe environment for all of our guests and employees. Congratulations to our very worthy winners of the EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH SEPTEMBER 2018.


Disaster management training is prepared to ensure rapid and appropriate efforts to deal with disasters. It also can improve the employee awareness, alertness & preparedness in facing disaster threats based on potential disasters in the Kuta area. The aim of is to build the capacity of the employees staff, to improve preparedness and response at all levels before during and after disasters and to give all components of the Movement the means to work together in a coordinated manner.

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Bali Gardens continues to support our environment and the move to reduce plastic waste. So plastic bags are now finally banned in Australian Supermarkets. What a great initiative. In Bali we are also very aware of the impact plastic is having on our oceans and environment. All over the world plastic waste—along with the toxins and chemicals it’s composed of—is accumulating at an alarming rate in our oceans, wreaking havoc on wildlife, polluting our beaches and entering our food chain. Continue reading


Bali Garden Beach Resort was celebrating the anniversary on 8th August 2018 with the spirit of togetherness.
To celebrate this anniversary, the Hotel held a nice celebration party with all Bali Garden employees. There were special moments such as, singing birthday song, cake cutting, singing Karaoke, lucky draws and of course with Balinese entertainment such as Joged Bumbung Dance where it involved the dancers and staff to participate in the dance which is also known as Ngibing (the terms of the invitation from the dancer to dance together). Continue reading

Waterman’s Awards Night 2018

Waterman’s Awards Night is back again this year to honor those who have fight the good fight in cleaning Bali island. This award will be given to individual, NGO’s or businesses who supports and have taken real action in facing this massive waste issues that we are facing.

The Waterman’s Awards Night will be held at our own Community Environment & Skills Center, where guests can be close to nature and check out what we are currently working on here at R.O.L.E. Foundation. Continue reading

Bali Ocean Swim Result 2018

Once again Bali Garden Beach Resort is proud to sponsor and provide the venue for the 9th Bali Ocean Swim (BOS) event at Kuta Beach, which was held on Sunday, July 1st, 2018.
The Bali Ocean Swim is a premier fund-raising event for the Bali Sports Foundation (BSF).  The event raises money for BSF to fund their swimming programs for people with disabilities.

This year’s swimmer participants are from Indonesia, Australia, Japan, Italy, USA, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong who competed in excellent conditions under a clear blue sky.  Overall there are 93 swimmers registered for 1.2K, 5K and the premier event 10K distance.  The 1.2K had 4 categories – Junior (12 – 17 y.o) Adult (18 – 35 y.o) Master (36-55 y.o) and Veterans (over 55 y.o), the 5K swim had 3 categories (Junior, Adult and Master) and the 10K event was an open for everyone.  Continue reading