We will welcome the 14th Annual Sanur Village Festival 2019. For the Bali and Indonesia tourism calendar, August is the month for Sanur community’s festival.

In its 14th year, Sanur Village Festival will feature the theme Dharmaning Gesing – the glorifying of bamboo, which reflects the Balinese appreciation on bamboo’s role in the daily life. It is used in religious ceremonies and an important element in building architecture, so the festival explores bamboo as part of Sanur community’s spirit of creativity. The awareness of its existence is hoped to encourage togetherness and sense of family, respect and protecting the environment and inspire the community creativity.

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10th Bali Ocean Swim Competition 7th July 2019

“The Bali Swim Competition is just around the corner.
For this year, it will be held on the Sunday, 7th of July 2019 at Bali Garden Beach Resort as one of the main sponsors is very excited to welcome back previous participants and new participants

This year annual event is the 10th year of competition organized by Bali Sport Foundation (BSF) a Non-Profit Organization founded by Mr. Rodney Holt and is expected around 100 swimmers participate on this event from across the world Asia, South East Asia, UK, Australia etc., as well as Local swimmers. Continue reading

Cocktails Party at Bali Garden

Cocktails Party that we have in each restaurant every week. Broadwalk, IL Tempio, Kabar, Aribar & Warung Damar. To introduce guests what we served in each restaurant, to get more close with the guest , to get any suggestion from the guest to improving our product & services.

We invite guests randomly, most of them are the guest who first time visit to Bali Garden. This Cocktails party only run for one hour and the guests will greeted by the management. Its been running nearly 4 years till now. Here some picture from the Cocktails Party, some of you maybe captured in our camera !

The Great 50 Show – Circus Comes in Town!

The Biggest and The Most Legend Circus Comes in Town! Do you remember when is the last time you watch a circus; sitting under the majestic tent while watching an amazing acrobatic performance or an exotic fire dance?

Get ready to bring that memory back with the 50-year anniversary celebration by Oriental Circus Indonesia, ‘The Great 50 Show’. Performances that will lead you to another world of fantasy, unlike anything that you’ve ever seen before and become one of Indonesia’s best circuses. Continue reading

Part 4: “MY TIME” – The Seven Year Story from sunrise to sunset.

“My Time” – The Story continues…..

In 2016 it was time for “My Time” to have another change of scenery. She was relocated to a boat building workshop in Tabanan.  No small feat this boat moving business – requiring a crane to load her securely onto a truck ready for the journey to Tabanan . Which incidentally took place at 2 am to avoid any traffic issues

Once relocated safely to Tabanan “My Time’s” makeover continued

The mast had been removed for the journey so was reinstalled and set correctly on “My Time”.

The most challenging and perhaps the cause of most of the delays was the construction of the keel. A crucial piece of equipment, part of the puzzle. After much research, consultation and consideration a new lead filled stainless steel keel was made in a local steelworks and weighed in at 1000 KG

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Each year Bali Garden Beach Resort is proud to be involved in beach cleaning as one of our Corporate Social Responsibilities towards our environment. Our purpose is to raise awareness about the cleanliness of the beach, to reduce litter, protect our ocean and help to educate on the impact of littering and plastic pollution.


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Ogoh – Ogoh Parade Kuta 2019

One day before Nyepi (Bali Silent Day), Pengerupukan Day, there was Ogoh-Ogoh parade at Jln. Pantai Kuta in the evening. The ogoh-ogoh are said to distract or capture evil spirits, effectively ‘cleansing’ the island for another year and then they are ceremoniously burned or destroyed.

Traffic stops on this roads during the event. There was 13 Ogoh-ogoh  standing on the street and be judged by all delegation from each hotel and Adat Kuta. Our Bali Garden staff and guests are also participating at this parade. A huge thank you to everyone who participated in this event.


Bali Silent Day 2019

Nyepi is a New Year celebration that will held on 7 March 2019, but it’s not the kind of party you’d expect—it’s pretty much the opposite. During this Bali Day of Silence, for 24 hours beginning at 6am, all normal activities cease.

Traffic stops on the Bali roads. Locals don’t venture outside of their area. No activities continue or ensue. Even lights are left off as it gets dark outside. Patrol men known as pecalang can be seen in the streets during Nyepi making sure the rules are followed and enforced. The day is taken very seriously!

The night before Nyepi, New Year’s Eve, is the complete opposite of the New Year Day, full of noise and celebration. Continue reading