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You can release baby turtles!

Bali Sea Turtle Society (BSTS) is an organisation, run by local Indonesians for the conservation of endangered sea turtles. We work across the entire island of Bali with locals in different regions to protect sea turtles.

At the Kuta Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Centre our mission is to protect nesting sea turtles and their eggs to increase hatching and release rates. We also aim to educate people about sea turtle protection, including the protection of natural habitats.

The endangered species of sea turtles nesting on Kuta Beach are Olive Ridley turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea). We relocate sea turtle eggs laid on Kuta and the surrounding beaches to a central hatchery. The eggs take 45-60 days to develop and hatch naturally.

Sea turtle nesting season is from approximately March to September each year. Sea turtle hatching season is from approximately April to October each year.

We always invite our guest if there is Turtle Release on the day by put the sign in front of our front office to encourage our in-house guest. Also Bali Garden is located very close to the Conservation area, therefore it is easy to get there by walking through the beach side. Be sure to talk to our guest relation staff who can update you with the baby turtle release schedule. Please email us to

Below are some information that will be helpful to know.

Location               : Right on Kuta Beach

Time                      : Normally gathering at 4.30pm and release at 5:00pm

Note                     : Open for public, children will be prioritized to release the turtle.

Information        : Facebook page @baliseaturtlesociety (bilingual Indonesian & English)




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