The Great 50 Show – Circus Comes in Town!

The Biggest and The Most Legend Circus Comes in Town! Do you remember when is the last time you watch a circus; sitting under the majestic tent while watching an amazing acrobatic performance or an exotic fire dance?

Get ready to bring that memory back with the 50-year anniversary celebration by Oriental Circus Indonesia, ‘The Great 50 Show’. Performances that will lead you to another world of fantasy, unlike anything that you’ve ever seen before and become one of Indonesia’s best circuses.

Acrobatic, clown, juggling and unicycle performance blend into the jaw-dropping scenes that going with carnival theme music and amazing sound effect without leaving the traditional side of the circus itself. This is the reason why this circus is a must watch performance while you are in Bali.

This two-hour performance will spoil your heart at Jl. Sunset Road Kuta, Bali (Near Simpang Dewa Ruci), starting from May 1st, 2019 every Tuesday to Sunday at 4PM – 6PM and 7PM – 9PM. It is not only about the performance, but you will also be greeted by an array of food stall heaven by Eat & Eat, official merchandise shop, photo booth and circus studio.

Ticket will be available at starting 27 April 2019 with only IDR 250,000 until IDR 650,000.