In recent years, Indonesian government pays more attention in some disasters that occurred in Indonesia. Some ways has been being done by the government. Verification of Disaster Preparedness has been doing by the government as one of the ways to be ready for the disasters. Bali Garden Beach Resort was also had turn to be verified on November 2016. The result was Gold Certificate for the Verification of Disaster Preparedness. The second way was the government set the date of Disaster preparedness on 26th April 2017 which was the first National Disaster Preparedness Day in Indonesia.

Many hotels were participated in National Disaster Preparedness Day by doing the simulation of Tsunami, Earthquakes, Fire, and evacuations. The Sirine was ringing at 10.00 a.m. in the whole parts of Indonesia including Bali, that was the sign that the simulation was begun. The Emergency team of Bali Garden Beach Resort was ready to do the simulation. It was at about 50 employees joined the simulation of Earthquake, Fire, and Tsunami. All the members of emergency team of Bali Garden Beach Resort were taking part as Fire Response Team, Evacuation team, Health Team, Asset Team, Security Team,etc. All the members of emergency team response to the victims, fire, and evacuation quickly. The simulation run well and would be done again next time.