Saraswati was celebrate on 13 October 2018 is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom and nature. She is symbolized by an attractive woman with a white swan among water lilies. The swan symbolizes prudence, so that one’s knowledge is able to distinguish between good and evil.
On Saraswati day the Balinese will bring offerings to the holy books and scrolls in their houses. Students will celebrate Saraswati at school usually in the morning. Balinese people who have an office job will make offerings at their office.
In the afternoon, the Balinese are not allowed to read or write books because all the books are blessed. In the evening, people will read books (preferably religious books) at home or in the temple.


Four days after Saraswati comes Pagerwesi Held in 17 October – Pagerwesi is the concluding day for the ‘wealth’ series of celebrations. It signifies spiritual ‘reinforcement’. Its name, combining the words pager and wesi, suggests ‘iron fence’ in English. Anything of high importance, the soul and spirit in this sense, should be protected from negative influences. The day is the final significant highlight in this series of holy days in Bali. It aims to protect the blessed subjects of spiritual assets celebrated in the previous days.