Develop your children’s skills at the Bali Treetop Adventure Park! Set in the lush Bedugul Botanical Gardens, Bali Treetop offers a ‘Jungle Book’ kind of experience for your children – and for you too.

Once you arrive at the park, your children can immediately envision themselves hopping from one tree to another as half of the site is filled with big trees, complete with bridges, nets, tarzan jumps, flying fox and much more. Bali Treetop has 95 games in total that are divided into 6 circuit surrounding by panoramic view.

It takes around two hours to complete one circuit, but it all depends on the participants’ capability as each circuit has its own difficulty level.

Children who are not interested in joining the treetop can walk on the trails in the forest, watching the others talking on the challenges from the ground level.

Bali Tree Top Adventure Park “Eka Karya” Bali Botanical Garden, Candikuning

(0631) 934-0009