“MY TIME” – The Seven Year Story from sunrise to sunset.

Some years back there was a Hotel Manager who decided to purchase a yacht, well at least the hull of a yacht. He had a passion for sailing and an idea to share that passion and give Bali Garden guests the opportunity to sail the waters of Bali.

That year was 2012 !
“It will be easy” – they said !“It won’t take long” – they said !

However, with the benefit of hindsight and seven years, it seems that creating a work of art takes time: Rome was not built in a day . Bali Time !

Hassan, who has 30 years carpentry and boat experience was involved in the original build and is now a part of the Bali Garden team in our Engineering Department

Following its purchase in 2012 the boat was relocated to Nusa Dua Boat Works where the scope of works was evaluated. Some internal refurbishment was completed along with some repairs to the decking and seating area.

It was at this time the boat was proudly named as “My Time”

After 12 months in Nusa Dua “My Time” was given a change of scenery and relocated to the busy street frontage of Bali Garden Beach Resort where it was initially placed in the area that is now KaBar.

Hotel guests and passer’s by looked and admired “My Time” until KaBar’s building plans were finalized and work commenced.

“My Time” was given yet another view when it was relocated to the plaza area where she was proudly displayed in front of Bali Gardens Beach Resort