With Bali Adventure Sky Tours, this all becomes possible. Lift off for a trip through the clouds as the Sky Tours helicopter takes you up to see Bali from a whole new perspective, a bird’s eye view of the island of the Gods. Those who thought Bali was beautiful before will be awe-struck by how much just a little bit of height can change how we see the surrounding landscape.


These tours offer experiences to the Batur Caldera, over the sparkling lake and towering volcano, perfect expanse of rice fields of Baturiti, the highland forests that surround Bedugul’s twin lakes, lake Buyan and Tamblingan.


Bali Adventure Sky Tours operates Bali’s first high-end helicopter, flown by a professional FAA certified pilot, as safety is the main priority. Fully equipped with air conditioning, luxury while leather interiod and state of the art internal and external camera systems. Modern TV monitor screens and sound systems are another feature of this luxurious services.


Bali Adventure Sky Tours

Jalan Bay pass, Pesanggaran, Denpasar

+62 361 721 480