Bali may not be known as the place to buy books. However when it is time for the bookish tourist to go home with their overweight luggage and tanned skin, the finished books are often left behind. And those books end up in the hotel’s library or in the hand of entrepreneurial hotel workers who still see their value.

On Jalan pantai Kuta near Bemo Corner stands the modest Kerta Bookshop, with its various guidebooks and paperbacks on display in its floor-to-ceiling window. This bookshop has been around for almost as long as Kuta itself, and it was Singaraja-born Konten Suparni who started it all. She noticed visitors who came to Bali were mainly global nomads and surfers who spend a lot of time chasing waves, hanging out in warungs and reading books. One of the hotel owners told her mom about used book in hotel and offered her those books, and later she would sell them in her shop alongside with the souvenirs. Now if you visit her store, you will see her smile widely and welcome her guest.