Welcoming fall, John Hardy debuts The Modern Chain Collection that is an evolution of the 1990s flat woven chain bracelet for men. With this new design, these chain bracelets are versatile and ideal for casual and formal wear. However, John Hardy still pays a tribute to the original chain-weaving method and that’s why this collection is woven by men due to the need for more physical strength to make the large links bracelet. By the looks of the bracelet, this men’s collection conveys a powerful and masculine symbol. John Hardy also produces the women’s collection that features gleaming gold and silver bracelets with fresh patterns and chic beauty. These bracelets are perfect to wear alone or in stack. The luxurious bracelets are lightweight and slim, thus they are comfortable for everyday use.

John Hardy

Banjar Baturning No. 1, Desa Mambal, Abiansemal