Visit and explore north Bali and you may reveal new experience in Bali island.



A place to relish curiosity of everything cocoa with fun facts, games as well as chocolate treats. Chocoa Grounds is embedded with Balinese culture including its people and decoration, providing a true Balinese experience for visitors. They will provide all information relating to cocoa and a perfect place to enjoy chocolate as well as an outlet

Visitors can also adopt a cocoa tree with any purchase of Cocoa Grounds souvenir. For a minimal purchase of Rp 100,000 a donation is automatically made for the planting of 1 cocoa tree at the cocoa grounds.



Atlas Pearls is a global leader in eco-pearling which commonly known as the South Sea pearl. Atlas has five farms spread across the Indonesian archipelago, with the biggest farm located in North Bali. A visit to farm in Bali, you will be guided to a tour of a working pearl farm to view firsthand pearling process from hatchery to harvest. Complete with a boutique employing women of nearby villages and supporting hundreds of family member on the north coast.


The Bali touring can be for several days or presented in a single day. The activities listed above are located within a stretch of excellent dining too. To arrange a customized tour of Bali’s magical North, feel free to contact our tour desk that is located near our Bali Garden Beach Resort lobby.