If you are visiting Bali, you have to try of Betutu, one of the most popular foods in Bali. Understanding the secrets of Balinese cuisine is a fascinating journey. To create a great Betutu, 4 main ingredients are used with additional 8 more spices. The 4 main ingredients are measured using the length of fingers; galangal by middle finger, turmeric the index finger, Ginger the ring finger, and kencur the pinky finger.

You will find this special menu at our restaurant Warung Damar, located right next to Bali Garden Beach Resort. Here you will find a very delicious betutu serve with nicely presented with raw vegetables. The betutu will be roasted twice, creating a tasty and tender chicken.

Warung Damar also have a new promotion of Buy 2 beer get 1 FREE from 13:00 to 18:00.

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