Bali Gardens continues to support our environment and the move to reduce plastic waste. So plastic bags are now finally banned in Australian Supermarkets. What a great initiative. In Bali we are also very aware of the impact plastic is having on our oceans and environment. All over the world plastic waste—along with the toxins and chemicals it’s composed of—is accumulating at an alarming rate in our oceans, wreaking havoc on wildlife, polluting our beaches and entering our food chain.

Bali Garden Beach Resort continues to promote a reduction in the use of plastics. For years we have provided our guests with our eco friendly bags that can be used for your Bali shopping. Be sure to get your complimentary bag from reception when you are visiting us.

Our regular beach cleaning activities have also highlighted not only the problem with plastic bags but also straws. We have made the decision that for the majority of drinks they will be served without plastic straws. Of course we appreciate some of our delectable cocktails are better to be sipped and we will have straws available on request.
Every little bit helps and we are encouraging all of our employees to be informed and playing a part in reducing plastic waste.