Brian Cross and Olga Cross for Bali Garden

5 Reasons Why Always Staying Back in BGR Last 17 October 2014 we had the pleasure of talking to Mr. Brian and Mrs Olga Cross from Brisbane, Australia. They were kind enough to allow us 15 minutes of their valuable time for a quick chit chat. Check out what they had to say about the Bali Garden Beach Resort (youtube video).

After talking to them, we concluded the following, which was interesting for us to know. They love staying at our resort, due our location.

Because, it’s right on the beach so the location is perfect. It’s just far enough from the Bali Kuta noise, and it’s not far to go to if they want to go up there. Moreover it’s only 500m away from Gloria Jeans and the shopping centers.

It’s our genuine Balinese charm. The other hotels have western rooms, it’s not Balinese. So for them it loses the appeal when they come to Bali.

It’s our Garden concept they loved overlooking the Garden from their 4th floor Garden Villa balcony, (link to )

It’s the beach front and our pools. They loved witnessing the wonderful sunset, surfing, or relaxing near the white sandy beach or on one of our pools while enjoying the fresh cool ocean breeze.

It’s our friendly staff. Our staff members made them feel special like they were their best friend.