A total of 129 “ogoh-ogoh” statues will be completed for honors in Denpasar on Nyepi Eve in the run up to the official day of silence the following day and the dawning of 1 Saka 1938 (Balinese Calendar).

A team of expert judges will survey the teams constructing the “ogoh-ogoh” across four sub-districts of Denpasar from Tuesday, 23 – 26 February 2016. On 8 March 2016, a night will be filled with wild street parades of “ogoh-ogoh”, build by local banjars battle each other on main roads and intersections. As the sun rises on the New Year, they will all set their “ogoh-ogoh” afire and then head home for a day of silent contemplation.

A member of the jury designated to pick the best “ogoh-ogoh” said the judging system and weighting of competing elements are much the same as last year’s. Among the criteria is a requirement that the base materials and coverings of the floats must be made from environmentally sustainable materials, such as bamboo, wood, paper, and rotan. The use of Styrofoam, cork and sponge is forbidden.

The official of the winner will be announced on 29 February 2016.