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Some say that Bali has everything you could wish for – and this statement inspired a Korean businessman to bring the popular 3D museum concept to Bali. DMZ boasts up to 120 paintings with 14 different themes. Get ready to be mesmerized upon entering the museum, as almost all parts on the inside are painted with 3D art, including the walls, floors and even air conditioners.

Open from 10 AM to 10 PM every day, this museum is comprised of several rooms, each with different theme. From “safari” to “classic” and many more, here are your opportunities to take good pictures. The museum has prepared the best spots for guests to pose with each of the paintings – the guide will show the guest the spot and capture the moment, as it takes a specific angle to make the 3D paintings come to life perfectly in a photo.

All the paintings in DMZ are created by eight Korean and three Balinese painters. To celebrate its second birthday in June, they are trying to invite those painters back to re-do and remake 50 paintings for a new fresh look.

Come to see the more interesting trick art to see!

Dream Museum Zone

Jalan Nakula No. 33x, Kuta

(0361) 849 6220