Wake up and ride

The first wake park in Bali has opened in 2015 in Pelaban Benoa. The system was built around 5 hectare lake and have full size cable system with 8 carriers allowing up to 8 riders to participate at one time. Obstacles are also placed in the water for an optional challenge. Don’t worry if you have never try it before. Beginners and children can learn on an easy 2 tower system that allow one person o ride at a time. If you are hungry, bar and shops are also available for you to spend a day at the wake park.


Bali Wake Park

Jalan Raya Pelaban Benoa No. 7x, Benoa

+62 361 846 8866


ayung-bali-raftingRafting in Ayung River

It is fun and breathtaking at the same time. Experience rafting in one and only Ayung River, a 9.6km river stretch. It is located in a very strategic area, not far from the city, and has a backdrop of wild, unspoiled rainforest, towering gorges and magnificent rice paddy terraces. If rafting with group of people is not challenging enough, you can also ride the rapids of Ayung River in a 2 seater kayak, with a guide to accompany you or if you are well experienced in using kayak, you can explore the nooks and crevices of the river yourself.

Bali Adventure Tours at Ubud Adventure Centre

Jalan Raya Kedewatan II, Ubud

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