The Balinese people also believe that on this day, Siwa would allow for the forgiveness of sin of people who meditated in his honour. Part of these rituals involve restricting yourself from a number of things including sleep and food.

Jagra; which involves staying awake all night and Upawasa; abstinence from food, are accompanied by observing silence through the event, a phenomenon known as Monabrata. The three, fasting, staying awake and remaining silent are considered the three key levels of self-restriction and typically lasts for 36 hours.

Once the 36 hours elapse, the locals will proceed to the beach to partake in purification rituals. This involves holding a prayer session followed by taking a quick dip in the frigid waters of the sea. After this ritual, the locals go back to their daily activities.

Failure to do so is believed to nullify the strides made as far as self-restriction is concerned. Siwa Ratri is an important event for the locals and is interesting for foreigners to observe.

4 Activities To Do in Kuta Beach Bali

Kuta is probably the most famous part of Bali and with good reason. Not only is it the home of the iconic Kuta Beach but it also has a swinging nightlife scene that keeps going into the wee small hours. The coastline here is covered in soft golden sand and the beachfront is flanked with a long promenade dotted with cafes and myriad restaurants.

If you are looking for shopping then you will be spoiled for choice and you can enjoy local markets mixed with upscale shopping malls. There are fine dining options here aplenty as well as quaint local guesthouses and you can spent time walking around the little streets that bisect the area and taking in all the sights.

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Since November 30, 2017 the Ngurah Rai International Airport has reopened again. Today, all business in our region continues to operate as normal with no impact from the Mount Agung warning. All of our hotels are located more than 50 km from Mount Agung and operating as normal.

We recognize some travelers are hesitant to come to Bali as Australian insurers will currently not provide travel cover.
We will take away any concerns you have allowing you to travel to Bali with the following assurances.

Should you book at any of our hotels and you are unable to travel due to airport/airline disruptions resulting from Mount Agung you can transfer your booking to alternative dates at no charge.
Should you decide to cancel your booking as a result of airport/airline disruptions resulting from Mount Agung we will refund your deposit in full with absolutely no charges incurred.
Should you travel to Bali and your return flight is impacted as a result of Mount Agung we will provide additional accommodation inclusive of breakfast completely FREE OF CHARGE until your delayed flight is available.

Book any of the great deals currently available at any of our hotels and travel with complete peace of mind. This assurance from us is available at all of our hotels. Come and enjoy all that Bali has to offer.

Bali Garden Beach Resort
Maharani Beach Hotel
Samsara Inn
Coast Boutique Apartments


*Terms & Conditions:*
1. Valid for new & direct bookings only
2. Period of stay: 06 Dec 2017 – 31 Jan 2018




KABAR means “NEWS” in Indonesian. It’s a symbol of gathering to discuss about anything and everything… but most of the time… it’s about SPORTS, but KABAR is more than just a sports bar!  Instantly recognizable from the two giant beer bottles standing in front of the restaurant, the outside BBQ helps create great hotdogs and burgers every time; It’s so good! Pork or Chicken Schnitzel, Grilled Pork Bratwurst with Mustard, Sauerkaut, Pies or Sausage Rolls… This is just a small selection of what is available for you to enjoy in KABAR.

KARUM is the ultimate place to enjoy a curry that takes its inspiration from all over the world. And don’t forget the irresistible naan bread and roti chennai freshly made right in front of your very eyes!

WOKMIE is strangely enough, one of the rare noodle bars in Bali. Presenting an exciting, fresh, oriental fast food concept, with a large range of dishes on offer, Wokmie is an affordable place to enjoy delicious noodles, with a classic selection of dim sum and sushi also available.

KOPI n KUE is the perfect peaceful and comfortable oasis you are looking for!
In this enchanting environment, you will first be attracted by the ‘KOPI’; the fragrance from our unique coffee roaster machine (the only one of its kind), and then you will be able to enjoy our great selection of coffee from all over Indonesia.

Located in front of Bali Garden Beach Resort Jalan Kartika, one of the most famous streets in Kuta – Bali,



Looking to escape the crowded water in Kuta/ Jimbaran/ Nusa Dua or even Jimbaran? You’ll get your answer with just 15 minutes’ drive away for a full-day of wakeboard at Bali’s latest premier wakeboarding facility! First of its kind in the island and fully equipped with ultra modern features, Bali Wake Park caters to wakeboarders of all skills and sizes. The in-house professional instructors are also ever ready to guide you; be it for your very first lesson or even to show you some new exciting tricks. A lovely pool located right beside the water park and a bar on the other side is just one of the many delightful facilities that the park has. This is indeed the perfect location to relax with the family or simply to catch your breath after the wake board activity! Bali Wake Park also has all the gears and safety equipment for rental should you need. So, wait no more; all you need is some sunscreen, a towel and good vibes for a day full of fun and excitement! *Transfer is not included ** Meeting Point at the Benoa Harbour No.7

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Rip Curl GromSearch National Champions 2017

After an epic weekend of big waves and gutsy surfing performances by a crop of Southeast Asia’s best young surfers, Kona Eru (13, Sanur, Bali) and Taina Izquierdo (15, Uluwatu, Bali) emerged victorious at the Rip Curl GromSearch National Finals, held in pumping surf at world famous Uluwatu. Southeast Asia’s top groms proved their toughness by battling heavy currents and matching progressive turns with the power of the waves at small Outside Corner, Uluwatu. Continue reading


Bali island is still a safe holiday destination, except for areas around Mount Agung. Flights in and out of Ngurah Rai International airport remain normal with 50,000 to 60,000 travelers in and out of Bali every day.


The alert level of the Mount Agung in Bali has been lowered from level four “danger” to level three “alert” since Oct 29th 2017. According to the Center for volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) the decision to downgrade the warning was based on the result of observation of activity of the volcano and which has been decreased considerably lately become 100-70 times tremors from 900-300 tremors per day. Continue reading

Kuningan day – The end of the Galungan holiday


Kuningan day, that marks the end of the Gaungan holiday, is celebrated every 210 days, ten days after Galungan.

Galungan is a Balinese holiday that signifies the victory of Virtue (Dharma) over Evil (Adharma). This important festival occurs every 210 days and lasts for 10 days. This year, Galungan falls on Wednesday 1 November 2017 and Kuningan will falls on Saturday 11 November 2017. During this period you will see many Balinese dressed in their finest clothes bearing elaborate offerings to their temple.

The Balinese believe that Kuningan day is the day when their ancestors return to heaven after visiting the earth during Galungan celebration. They make offerings to be given to the ancestors on their farewell day. The offerings include yellowed rice (Kuningan is derived from the word kuning which means yellow) which is placed in a small “bowl” made of coconut leaves. Other common offerings a seeds, fish and fruit like papaya and cucumber. The yellow rice is the symbol of human’s gratitude towards God for all the life, joy, wealth, health and prosperity given. The bowls are decorated with a small figures of shadow puppets which represents angels that bring joy and wealth to earth. Continue reading



After being quiet about 54 years, Mount Agung has been showing its volcanic activity again. The news has been uncertain on the media, what we can update you is that at the moment the Ngurah Rai Airport, tourism activities and Bali Garden are operating as normal. Continue reading

Bali International Triathlon – October 15, 2017


The Bali International Triathlon is an annual sporting event in Bali that first kicked off in 2007, with its main race area around Jimbaran Bay. It then set the momentum, attracting more participants from the world over, becoming one of Bali’s major international sports events, and attracting different title sponsors throughout the span of a decade. Now in its 10th year, the race is on again as the Herbalife Bali International Triathlon, with the motto “Triathlon for the Soul” and is slated to take place on October 15th, 2017, in the coastal resort area of Sanur.

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