Bali Silent Day 2019

Nyepi is a New Year celebration that will held on 7 March 2019, but it’s not the kind of party you’d expect—it’s pretty much the opposite. During this Bali Day of Silence, for 24 hours beginning at 6am, all normal activities cease.

Traffic stops on the Bali roads. Locals don’t venture outside of their area. No activities continue or ensue. Even lights are left off as it gets dark outside. Patrol men known as pecalang can be seen in the streets during Nyepi making sure the rules are followed and enforced. The day is taken very seriously!

The night before Nyepi, New Year’s Eve, is the complete opposite of the New Year Day, full of noise and celebration. Continue reading


Meet one of our favorite Beach Bar attendants , Elly Hariyanti , known to us as Elle. She joined our team in 2016. Elle is known for her cheerful and lovely smile as she serves your favorite drinks. She is passionate in her role and loves meeting & talking to so many different people while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Kuta Beach from the bar. Be sure to visit Beach Bar to visit and say hello when you stay at Bali Garden Beach Resort

Australian Day 2019

What could be more fun than to celebrate Australia Day by the Kuta Beach! Get into the groove at our Boardwalk beachfront restaurant, your ticket to paradise. All of our restaurants, including Kabar, will launch special offer for everyone to enjoy throughout the day, 26 January 2019 – with family, friends or everyone at the event.

For bookings and more info, call ?(+62) 361 752725?  or email to


The Christmas & New Year Celebration was held at the Boardwalk Restaurant. Boardwalk presented its special menu along with great performances to entertain all the guests. Santa also came on Christmas to share some gifts and spread the Christmas spirit with our guests. Meanwhile on New Year’s Eve we had non stop all night entertainment and a New Year’s feast enjoyed by more than 500 guests. To close the year 2018 and welcome the New Year of 2019, there were Fire works along the Kuta Beach. It was a fun and memorable celebration enjoyed by all. Continue reading


Jean Burling, who is affectionately known to her Bali Garden friends as Mama Jean, started to travel to Bali in 1979. For each holiday to Bali over the last 16 years she has called Bali Gardens her home and wonderful friendships have been formed.

Jean’s lifelong love of swimming began when she was just 6 years old. During her stays at Bali Gardens she has taught many of the Bali Garden’s employees how to swim competently. Continue reading


Bali Garden Beach Resort located in prime location in Kuta that surrounded by Shopping Center and Restaurants. There is a 5 best shopping places that close to our hotel which is it’s very easy to rich by walk.

The nearest shopping center is DISCOVERY SHOPPING MALL it’s right beside Bali Garden Beach Resort and also could be access from Boardwalk Restaurant. This is one of the longer established shopping hubs in Kuta. It features a great beachside location with an open-air amphitheatre right on Kuta Beach. Inside, you’ll find numerous fashion and lifestyle outlets spread well over its three levels, together with restaurants and franchise fast food outlets serving a wide range of snacks and cuisines. You can enter the mall either street side on Jalan Kartika Plaza, or up the flight of stairs from the beach. There’s also a large souvenir market on its southern side, where you can source for great handicrafts and Balinese knick-knacks without the hard bargaining.
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Recognition or an award from a company can be perceived as one of the best tool to motive its employees’ working performance. Bali Garden continues to strive and excel its employee by giving “Employee-of-the-Month” recognition which regularly held during a monthly employees’ gathering, where we celebrate the employees’ birthday during that month, also to welcome new member of the team. This month’s Employee of the Month recognition is given to I Komang Astika from Front Office Department. He had been nominated because he of his diligence and awareness about his responsibility. Join me to congratulate him for this well deserved recognition.


Discovery Shopping Mall is one among the largest shopping malls in Bali and the second largest shopping hub in Kuta after the newer Kuta Beachwalk. It is located on one of Kuta’s main roads, the Jalan Kartika Plaza, and features a beachside location with an amphitheatre on the sands of Kuta Beach. Just beside Bali Garden Beach Resort and also could be access from Boardwalk Restaurant. Continue reading



Saraswati was celebrate on 13 October 2018 is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom and nature. She is symbolized by an attractive woman with a white swan among water lilies. The swan symbolizes prudence, so that one’s knowledge is able to distinguish between good and evil.
On Saraswati day the Balinese will bring offerings to the holy books and scrolls in their houses. Students will celebrate Saraswati at school usually in the morning. Balinese people who have an office job will make offerings at their office.
In the afternoon, the Balinese are not allowed to read or write books because all the books are blessed. In the evening, people will read books (preferably religious books) at home or in the temple.


Four days after Saraswati comes Pagerwesi Held in 17 October – Pagerwesi is the concluding day for the ‘wealth’ series of celebrations. It signifies spiritual ‘reinforcement’. Its name, combining the words pager and wesi, suggests ‘iron fence’ in English. Anything of high importance, the soul and spirit in this sense, should be protected from negative influences. The day is the final significant highlight in this series of holy days in Bali. It aims to protect the blessed subjects of spiritual assets celebrated in the previous days.


Our Bali Garden. “Employee-of-the-Month program recognizes employees who go above and beyond typical job expectations, provide outstanding customer service, or perform distinctive achievements and show quality and commitment in their work environment.

This appreciation and recognition was for 3 employees from our Security Department : I Dewa Putu Kaler, Nyoman raka Putra Udyana, I Gusti Bagus Arta . They were nominated because of their constant and ongoing commitment towards our fire safety measures ensuring a safe environment for all of our guests and employees. Congratulations to our very worthy winners of the EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH SEPTEMBER 2018.