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December 2007

Targeting 7 Million Foreign Visitors in 2008

12/8/2007) In the midst of the launch of Visit Indonesia Year 2008, the Indonesian Department of Culture and Tourism is targeting 7 million foreign visitors for 2008. This represent a substantial increase from the 6 million visitor targeted for 2007, a number that was not attained and is expected to fall closer to 5.5 million [...]

Study: Online Hotel Booking Problematic – By Beth Cox

The hotel industry as a whole has a ways to go when it comes to making the room-booking process user friendly, says a new study by a U.K.-based travel and hospitality consulting company.
In fact, things are so bad designwise that many customers are confused by the prices displayed, and about half the time they cannot [...]

Seeds for Bali

Purchase a Seedling During the UN Climate Change Conference and Create a Forest on Nusa Penida Island.
(12/1/2007) Visitors to Bali and delegate attending the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) between December 3 – 14, 2007 will have the opportunity to purchase trees saplings that will eventually become part of a “new” forest [...]